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The Future of Graphic Design

Wow, we’ve come so far. From Microsoft Paint to multiple Adobe programs that have allowed the world of graphic design to burst with creative possibilities. From the evolution of technology to the way that the business of digital design operates, it’s beneficial to start understanding the direction in which the industry will move and the mindset to have. Design also serves as a solution to solving challenges across different industries. How can we stay relevant with the anticipation of new trends and use digital to enhance the changing expectations of consumers?

Let's start by discussing the future of the actual business in relation to the cultural landscape. Today, companies and brands are serious about making everyday life a bit more simple. To be honest, at times I didn't even know if I had a need for a certain service and then ta-da - I'm hooked. A service that enables me to save some time paired with smart site design is a dangerous combination. According to Boltgroup, as of 2016, 80% of all work in the US was in service industries. Currently, about 70% of consumers prefer an online self-service experience when engaging with a business. This means that more than half of us find our services and products solely online. This means that there is a large opportunity to use digital to create a positive first impression and interaction with intention.

People are more vocal about what they want from the companies that they support. Eye on Design mentions human centered-design. This is an approach of design centered around people rather than messaging or objects. The nature of how we do research to execute a project is changing as a result. There's a need to research and receive ongoing feedback when it comes to most steps of the design process as changes happen daily. Is your approach personalized enough? Is your design practice solving the needs of your users? What kind of experiences are you providing for users?

Boltgroup reported that The Bureau estimates that there will be only a 0-1% growth in traditional graphic design positions between 2014 and 2024, falling short of the anticipated 7% growth across all sectors. (Plus, 20% of graphic designers working now are self-employed, suggesting their successors will have to build careers from the ground up.) With little growth forecasted it’s vital to focus on other areas of growth where graphic design can solve a problem or act as a step in solving a challenge. If you’re serious about your craft, start thinking of a business model that allows for longevity. 


Written by Skánia Yasmina, CEO | THE VOEU AGENCY


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