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Design Trends Across Industries

When people say the word "design," what's the first thing that comes to mind? For many, you're probably thinking about designing clothes. The world of fashion is very much in our faces, with advertisements everywhere, including our daily wardrobes. But there are many other aspects of the world of design. Some other design-related industries include technology, automotive, real estate, restaurants, and more. The world of design has always been big business, but the demand is now greater than ever before.

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The fashion industry is becoming more and more difficult to break. The fashion world is extremely competitive, especially in high fashion. A few of the top conglomerates who dominate the fashion industry are Inditex owners of Zara and Massimo Dutti at $4 billion, LVMH who own Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Dior, Marc Jacobs at $2.33 billion, and Richemont who owns Cartier, Chloé, Net-a-Porter at $1.07 billion. For new fashion designers developing samples that compete with these brands is not an easy task. Young designers think they need to enroll in a fashion school to enter the industry to learn about the different variations of fabrics, patterns, seams, etc. But in this day in age with social media has changed the game. Although clothing design has been around for hundreds of years. Cultural and social aspects have had an impact on clothing design. Trends are constantly changing and make clothing design exciting and challenging at the same time.

Another constantly changing industry is the world of technology. In particular, the Internet has undergone significant changes in recent years. It is the digital designers who create the content you see on the Internet. Creating websites may seem like an easy task for some people, but behind the screen, it is a proven technology. Web designers and developers are architects building a digital world that represents your brand to the world, importantly creating your user experience.

A website should have a functional and organized design. There are even certain fonts and collars that should be used when creating a web page. Using too many different fonts disables site users. Many different companies offer help to create successful websites. Following the instructions will help you drive most of the traffic to your site.

Designing houses and other types of buildings is a centuries-old job. Today, architects must have a college degree and at least a two-year internship. After graduation, they must also pass the exam to obtain a license. Hundreds of years ago, people built their own homes in every possible way. Today, a lot of time is spent designing a house or building. Designing buildings is a complex task, as architects have to follow their clients' specifications. They also have to comply with rules and restrictions set by local and state governments. Curiously, many years ago, everyone could have built a building or a house, and now there are many codes and regulations to follow. This is the same for digital architects.

In the last hundred years, education has grown considerably. Where there used to be a single classroom school, there are now spacious school buildings for hundreds of students. Today's children must have at least a certificate of maturity to do something about it in

society. There are many things that children learn in school, and there are people behind them who shape their education. Each year, teachers have to stick to specific curricula. There is a group of people whose job it is to develop these curricula. They want their students to receive the best possible education and decide for themselves what they learn.

As you can see, there are many different types of designs. Design is a fundamental element of our society today. It helps beautify our buildings, our clothes are fashionable, the Internet is working properly, the education system is working better. There are designers for each of these industries. Designers play an important role in our daily lives.

Written by Skánia Yasmina, CEO | THE VOEU AGENCY


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