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A Design Services Agreement is a binding agreement between a client and a design services provider. This agreement outlines the scope of work to be performed and the expectations both parties have regarding the delivery, quality, and payment of services.


The agreement should clearly define the project goals and objectives, including the timeline and payment schedule. It should also outline the roles and responsibilities of both parties, including the client and the service provider. The agreement should also detail the deliverables expected from the service provider, such as design concepts, proofs, and final files.


The Design Services Agreement should also include the payment terms, including the rate and payment schedule. The agreement should also include a provision for late payment or non-payment, as well as a provision for termination of the agreement.


The agreement also includes the designation of intellectual property rights, including who owns the copyright to the designs and who has the rights to use and reproduce the designs. The agreement should also include provisions for indemnification and liability, as well as any applicable warranties or disclaimers.


Finally, the agreement should include an effective date and a signature line for both the client and the service provider, indicating that both parties agree to the terms of the agreement.

Design Services Agreement

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