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How to Create the Perfect Landing Page

Have you ever been to a website and wondered, "Why are they even showing me this? I don't know if I want it." I would be willing to guess that many of us have had that thought at some point in our browsing escapades. This problem is known as Abandonment or Bounce Rate for short.

Many factors go into making a great landing page, and most of them have to do with your website's overall design. Marketers can find it hard to determine what makes up a perfect landing page.

Study these simple steps to creating a great landing page:

1. Headline. Start with a great headline that sells your product or service without giving away too much information. "We make money for you" works well for many businesses, but some might want something more specific like "Get paid to write emails" or "Say goodbye to your cubicle!"

2. Description. Write a short description of what you offer in the next section of the page (usually below the headline). It is where you tell people why they should care about your product or service and convince them that it will solve their problem(s).

  • For example: "You know how hard it is to find someone who wants to read emails all day? Don't work. We will send them right to you!"

3. Include an eye-catching image. Add some images that show off your brand and products/services so people can get a visual sense of what they're signing up for before they click through!

  • Include images and videos, but only if they're relevant to what you're selling (and they won't cost you too much money). Use high-quality photos and graphics.

4. It has to be optimized for search engines. Use descriptive headings, keywords, and meta descriptions to help it appear in Google searches. Have you thought of how to drive traffic to your page?

  • Give these tips a shot: Know your keywords, write a killer headline, tune up your URL and treat meta descriptions like a sign board. These tips can dramatically increase traffic to your page.

5. Have a clear call-to-action (CTA). A clear call-to-action can be the difference between getting sales or not. You want people to know what they should do, and you want them to do it now.

  • Make sure your call-to-action is clear and concise so that you don't leave anyone wondering what they should do next after reading your content.

  • Let's say you want more sign-ups for your sales training. "Register for sales training." It clearly states that users will register for sales training by clicking on the button. With this clear and direct CTA, you turn interested prospects into paying for your training.

6. Highlight benefits, not features. Customers do not take delight in buying a quarter-inch drill. They are somewhat interested in a quarter-inch hole. What are the benefits highlighted for the audience on the landing page?

  • Imagine browsing a website for an eBook, and you come across these descriptions. Which will catch your interest? Website 1: "Get 500 free audiobooks on Economics." Website 2: "Become a Pro in Economics."

  • Of course, everyone will choose website 2. People are concerned with the value they will get rather than how many you can offer.

A landing page is essential for converting most random visitors into target leads. It tells visitors what we want them to do and why they should do it for us.

Have a clear message on your page with good design to give a great visual impression to visitors and you’ll delight in more sales!

To ensure the success of your business, it is essential to be organized and prepared to handle the growth that comes with it. I suggest implementing some of these tips to make your days more efficient and potentially lead to greater success.

If you're an entrepreneur in need of help managing your business, my team and I can provide the support you need. Click the button below to fill out our inquiry form and schedule a free discovery call to learn how we can help!


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