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introducing the premiere...

Luxury Web Design Course

Skania Yasmina

For savvy entrepreneurs who want to easily create a high-end website that expertly showcases their brand and gets RESULTS!

"Confidently create a beautiful, high-converting website in less than a week WITHOUT spending thousands of dollars on a web design team to do it for you."

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Does this sound familiar?

You know that you NEED to have a strong online presence, but you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by the process and have no clue where to begin.

You also know that your business MUST be online in order to succeed and thrive.

You want a luxury website that makes customers say, “Yes! I need to work with them right now.”




You’re not tech-savvy nor do you have thousands and thousands of dollars to invest in a top-notch web designer.

Here's What It Takes :


Building a website takes WORK, and trying to figure out everything alone will leave you feeling FRUSTRATED and DRAINED.


There’s an EASIER way to have a luxury website that attracts clients and customers, while expertly presenting your brand in STYLE!


Can you imagine how it will feel to have your new, showstopping website LIVE and ONLINE, without hassle or huge investment?


In the Luxury Web Design Course, I will take you step-by-step through creating your own website - even if you’ve never built anything online before or have limited time!

Skania Yasmina

My Luxury Web Design Course Is The First Of Its Kind That Not Only Teaches You How To Create Your Website But Also How To Build A Brand That People Want To Do Repeat Business With!

Here’s what makes this course different:


Anyone can put up a low-quality website, but smart business owners know they need to craft not just a “website” but digital real estate that makes a statement and achieves results.


I’m going to take you step-by-step through creating your website, just follow along and you’ll love your end results!


Go in with confidence knowing that I am giving you the EDGE in competing in a crowded internet space.


I’m sharing the same tips and strategies that I’ve used to work with multi-billion dollar brands.


that’s right, you’re getting ALL of my secrets in the best-of-it’s kind online course. I can’t wait to share everything with you!

you will learn exactly how to:

Understand the fundamentals of what makes a strong, top-shelf digital presence.

Develop a vision for your brand, including colors, typography, and more using our Luxury Development Guide.

Determine what content and which pages you need for your website.

Choose the best site platform and host for your luxury website.

Setup your site plus add features like slideshows, image galleries, and contact forms.

Craft your site to attract attention and convert potential visitors into paid clients/customers

Add your social media pages to your website.

Get your site found on search engines like Google and Bing.

Sell products and services directly on your site.

Create and post to a blog.

Book appointments directly on your site.

And More!


yes! you can build your own luxury website…

...EVEN IF you have never created anything online before.
...EVEN IF you don’t have a lot of free time.
…EVEN IF you have STRUGGLED to figure this out on your own.
...EVEN IF you aren’t tech-savvy or have no experience.

If you’re ready to amplify your online presence, attract your target audience, and grow your business, follow me step-by-step as I take you through the exact process - with EASE!

here's what is inside:

  • Welcome

  • Our Approach to Top-Shelf Website Design

  • Why A Strong Digital Presence Is Crucial

  • Setting Yourself Up for Success

setup for success


Skania Yasmina

You’re getting the first-ever access to the exact methodology I use in building websites for multi-million dollar brands- at a mere fraction of what I charge for my web design services!

When you add it all up, the lessons and resources in this course come out to a value of over $10,000, but you can enroll today for a special investment of $2,997.


You can use this course to build one, two, three, or as many websites as you would like!


Leverage what you learn here to create a remarkable first impression with clients and customers, grow your business, and increase your revenue.


As you can see, this course can pay for itself over and over again!

are YOU ready to launch your LUXURY WEBSITE?

i'm offering a limited-time special when you enroll TODAY!


limited time offer:



I want you to be 100% confident when you enroll in the Luxury Web Design course, which is why I offer a 100% money-back guarantee.


If you can show that you went through, and implemented all the lessons, but weren’t able to build your site within 14 days, I’ll refund your money back!


There’s no risk involved because you’re backed by this guarantee!


My Favorite Web Design Templates

Instructions for Installing the Templates

Meet Your Instructor In Creating A First-Class Website!

I started working in Luxury Fashion in High School on Newbury Street in Boston at Thom Brown. I always knew I was going to be a designer, fashion that is but didn’t realize when I was creating everyone’s black planet and migente pages in high school that I would make a business out of it. It became something that transitioned from a hobby to something that I wanted to keep doing.


I started my business THE VOEU AGENCY in 2013 as part of my thesis project when completing my master's at SCAD in Luxury & Fashion Management, concentration Brand Management titled: The Future of Luxury Branding.” I moved to New York for about 2 years and worked on the 5th Ave and Madison for some amazing luxury brands. Fendi, Cartier, and Longchamp. Putting my business on pause.


When I moved back to Atlanta, I knew I wanted to teach branding so I went back to school to complete my Master's Degree. I wanted to dive right into the business side of design so I transitioned from LXFM to Design Management. I was able to take my projects and clients as I developed a system that worked for me and my business and grew from there. I haven’t looked back since.


I look forward to helping you build your luxury web real estate!


Skania Yasmina

Don’t Let Another Month Go By Without Having A Luxury Website That Crushes Your Competition & Grows Your Business!


there is never been a better time to


Enroll in the Luxury Web Design Course Today!

My Luxury Web Design Course is perfect for you if:


You have a low-quality website that you aren’t satisfied with, or worse, no website at all.


Know that you need a better online presence, but struggle with how to make it happen.


Want to increase your revenue, attract more quality clients/customers, outshine online competitors.


Know that your business will not survive without a quality website.


Have a quality business that DESERVES a luxury website!

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  • Will I need any special equipment?
    Not at all! All you’ll need is a computer and internet access to make this happen.
  • Help! I don’t know Photoshop, HTML, etc…"
    You don’t have to! We’ll show you a website platform and online tools that allow you to create eye-catching designs without ANY experience.
  • Will I need to purchase anything additional?
    All you need to purchase is your domain name, e.g., which is about $10 with most providers, and you’ll also pay a monthly fee to “host” your website online. This can be free, but most people pay about $25 - $50/month depending on your needs. We’ll show you how and where to pick a plan.
  • I’m scared...what if I can’t do it!
    If you’re reading this right now, and can follow simple instructions, I PROMISE that you can build your website! You’ve got this!

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